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February 05, 2006


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Jeremy Bunch

I'm planning on making a infinity loom for my wife I found some different size dimensions for different size looms but cant find anywhere bout how many pegs to use the spacing of the pegs and so on. The one I plan on building for her is a 80" infinity loom dimensions are 21" x 12" if you could give me some tips on this I would highly apreciate it. Thank You

renate doyon

I was just wondering if Bob selles any of the loom that he makes for you. I very interest in purchaseing a sock and a small loom if possible.
Thank you
Renate ontario canada

Mary George Hilbun

I too am interested in Bob's looms! Does he sell them? I was searching the internet for your pattern on the scarf on page 4. I got your site url from Vivian McKnight Love it!

Mary George



I have not been online much for some time but just saw the KISS LOOM and your neat videos lessons. Who makes this Kiss Loom?

Many thanks, Teri


The looms are great!!! Does he have a site and does he do an infinity rake?


I'm very interested in your prices on the looms as well. Does Bob want to sell the directions? My husband does wood working but it would be so much easier to get the patterns from someone who has already did them.



Hi,do you sell your Looms, and could you send me the pricelist if you do sell the Looms?
Thanks Karin
By the way I love your Blog


I love your looms, could you send me a price list, I love the infinity loom.. and I would like a small round loom..Does he make small gauge rake looms?


What lovely looms, you have my dear! Said the wolf to red riding hood, heh,heh,heh!


I love the looms. I must have one for blankets like the "almost" figure 8 shown above. Does Bob make and sell them? I'm not skilled enough to make my own!! Let me know!!!!!


I am SO impressed. where did Bob get directions on how to make those. Or is that his own design. if so, is he selling the directions? I'd love to make a couple smaller looms and double pegged looms as well.


hi, can you send me info on prices of your looms?


Hi Graciela, Great site!! Gotta know...what is on the small (?mitten?) loom? The one that is on the paper towel with the other smaller loom?

Lynn Markman

Graciela, Your website is very attractive and well done.

I love your creativeness and your patterns!

You are an inspiration!
Go girl!!!

Loom on!


Love your site. Great patterns. You might wanna spell check the site though, but everything else is wonderful.


Great job on the looms. My husband said he would try one if I could get the size cooter pins used and the distance between them .



Wow I have watch your looming skills grow and you are a master loomer. Your creations are awesome! I wish you success in all your endeavors. Thanks for the drop stitch instructions I am going to try this one for sure. All the best my friend!!
Hugs, Dusty


yes i was just wondering what you have and the pricing thank you joy


Lady,it's about time you did this.There are so many wonderful things you make. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.
Go Graciela!!
Proud of you. Good luck!


Awesome blog Gracie!


My good friend, I am so proud of you for doing this...very nice job


Russell Markus


I have been planning a loom for my daughter. I really like the way you opened the cotter pins. Can you tell me how you did it so evenly?

Great looms!

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